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Partners at The Renova Center

FloatNorfolk partners with like minded individuals and businesses located @The Renova Center to offer you even more healing of the brain and releasing pain.  You can be directed to these services by clicking on their buttons below.  The Renova Center has spent five years putting together the Services needed to assist in the healing of traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress, pain relief, athletic recovery and achieving that competitive edge, fibromyalgia and other mystery illnesses, weight management programs, depression, strokes and more.  Start with a float, then finish with a healing.

ZYTO  RESET Wellness Scan

ZYTO’s innovative decision support technology takes the guesswork out of choosing supplements and wellness services.  With hundreds of amazing products available in the world - how do you know the right supplements and services for your unique circumstances and symptoms? This is the million-dollar question as we go from physician to physician looking for answers and relief. 

Renova Reset at Float Norfolk

Renova Reset is a place where health is reset.  Sometimes all it takes is to press the reset button to get a second change to be healthy and happy.  Even traumatic brain Injury and post traumatic stress can be reset, by using two Class II FDA Medical Approved devices: ZYTO and BEMER, along with products which your body has a biological preference for as revealed by a ZYTO Scan.

Massage Norfolk  exists primarily to complete Float Norfolk's goal to assist you in reaching profound rest and relaxation, as well as offer therapeutic massages to partner with Renova Reset, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments, and more.  You can choose to be directed to the booking services right here.

Massage Norfolk partner of Float Norfolk

Therapeutic Massages

Adding massage to your wellness regimen will help exponentially with accomplishing rest and relaxation. Our full-service massage center offers a wide variety of massages including hot stone, sports, prenatal and neonatal, and  aromatherapy. Our Signature Unwind Massage uses techniques of swedish massage and warm towel hydrotherapy to help you completely detach from the world and let your body enter a true state of relaxation.

Float Norfolk

Fitness Norfolk is bringing a new concept to the Norfolk area: The Neighborhood Gym. Whether you are a "workout warrior" who never skips leg day or a busy mom just looking for some "me" time, we've got you covered. At Fitness Norfolk you will find a welcoming, vibrant community of people seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Come in for a tour of Norfolk's newest fitness center and check out our website at

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

aka HBOT - Most people only know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatment of the “bends” for scuba divers. The truth is HBOT has been used since the 1800’s to help the body heal. It consists of breathing 100% Oxygen (as opposed to the normal 21% we breathe in regular air) at a prescribed depth, for a prescribed period of time.  Many people remember Baby Jessica in Texas - the 18 month old girl who fell down a well in Texas (1986).  She was rescued but because of lack of circulation to her legs - she was to have her leg amputated.   Her physician argued to treat her with HBOT and saved her leg. Ask Dr. Wood @The Renova Center how HBOT healed her broken back and neck after a 6 foot fall.   

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