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Game Changers

In our quest for healing the brain and releasing the pain, "game changers," are at the top of the list for all of us, even athletes, warriors and wannabe athletes and warriors. We all want that competitive edge for training, winning and living, along with opportunities for quick recovery and preventative health (ergo the immunization craze - hoping to prevent a disease, virus, bacteria or other negative game changer). Most of us are on a quest of some sort for finding and using game changers.

Today, The Renova Center will be visited by a celebrity "emotional game changer:" A service dog named Cavit. Cavit, named after veteran brothers, has a Facebook page with over 3000 followers. Can you imagine? I'm getting his autograph or "pawgraph."

At Float Norfolk, along with our healing float pods, we offer many services that provide competitive edges in sports and living life. The services also provide opportunities to reduce or eliminate pain, give us quick recovery times, starting with a wellness map for becoming well and building preventative health. Two of these services are FDA medical approved devices.

The first device is ZYTO's hand cradle (used for wellness maps and EVOX - PTSD Reframing). The second FDA approved device is the BEMER. (visit for more information.) These two devices are GAME CHANGERS. Sometimes we don't or can't heal because of events that have happened to us and our inability to let go of the emotions surrounding these events. Even at a subconscious level, EVOX allows quick and painless reframing of the memories of the event. It removes the emotional blockage - painlessly and effortlessly. "Painless and effortless" is my favorite way to fly.

BEMER works on opening up the blood flow throughout the body. Painlessly and effortlessly. Once these two releases are accomplished, the body can work its own magic to build its immune system up and fight for us. The body is always fighting for us. It never turns against us. But that's another story for another day.

Right now, I get to hang out with Cavit, an angel with paws. He doesn't need EVOX reframing because he is the "reframer." Animals love the BEMER. When you turn it on, animals run to it. They know stuff. We should follow them. If you want, I'll get a "pawgraph" for you.

Be well and happy. It feels good. Cavit told me.

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