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Hurricane Irma - Team America is Ready to Help Reset

Many of us, outside of Florida, spent the whole weekend on our knees while watching the LIVE updates on IRMA. Those in Florida, spent the whole weekend trying not to die. It was a very stressful weekend. The top stories look like this:

"Hurricane Irma still a monster of wind, rain as it pushes north ..."

"Frustrated first responders have to ignore 911 emergency calls ..."

"Hurricane Irma storm surge causes record flooding in north-east Florida. Live updates..."

I was impressed with the words of Governor Rick Scott as he cited the list of organizations standing by to assist. He was calm, caring and well informed. His family stayed in Florida to help except for one daughter who had five boys - two newborns. She reluctantly left Florida to protect her children.

I have a friend from Tampa - Laurie, who adores cats. She has six. She wasn't going to leave but finally chose to do so, to protect her "babies." Can you imagine traveling to West Virginia with six cats in the car? That's love.

Florida is still getting beat up ... and the after-surges can be even more destructive and dangerous. We think it's over and we are safe - then the surges hit and we get ambushed.

An awesome reporter gave a list of things to do to protect and save lives:

1. Go to the center of your house, away from doors and windows.

2. Wear a bike helmet or motor cycle helmet to protect your head and face from flying debris.

3. Fill up the tubs and sinks with precious water.

4. If you have to go higher into the house - like the attic - make sure you carry tools in case you have to break through the roof.

5. Keep your shoes on - even sleep with them on.

For the rest of us, we've been on our knees and joining prayer chains and checking in on friends and family in Florida, through smart phones/texting. Many people were quietly checking their smart phones during Church yesterday, anxiously watching the news. Gratitude was the topic in Church. I was grateful for that topic.

We lose the battles against storms but we win the wars - Phase Two. Resetting lives and property takes place after the tragedies. Roll up your sleeves - it's almost time to RESET Florida and the Western Fires. Then there is the RESET taking place in Texas. We are in this together. Nothing happens to one person in the world - that it doesn't affect all of us.

I am further grateful for being an American and living in a Nation that is free and caring of all people. I'm not a fan of special interest groups - I see these as dividing us. But boy do we shine when a catastrophe takes place. God Bless America and each and every one of us in it. We are a team and we watch each other's backs.

It is best said by Nick - President of The Veteran Wellness Center: "You are part of this team, and as a teammate we all worry about you and want you to do well - personally and professionally. We have your back, so if you need to rest and reset doing something for self, go ahead. We're here and we have your load. That's what teams do." Nick

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy

It's a Jungle out There

We've Got Your Back - Because That's What We Do

The Renova Center Team

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