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Float Away Your Troubles

I asked one of our military finest - "How was your float?"

He responded, "For one hour I get to forget all the crap I've been through."

If that was the only benefit of floating - it would be enough. But there is the express possibility of even more:

1. Profound sense of rest and relaxation

2. Shut out the world.

3. Decrease pain.

4. Heal faster.

5. Detoxify the body.

6. Enhance memory.

7. Better sleep.

8. Enhance athletic performance.

9. Recover from life, etc.

Try it or even better - do it again. Floating has a cumulative affect and gets better with frequency. Please share your experiences ... it helps others know what to expect.

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

We've Got Your Back

Because We Care ...

The Float Norfolk TEAM

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