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Float Away Your Troubles

When was the last time you floated? In the ocean, river or float pod? Have you ever FLOATED? Floating does so many wonderful things for the body. Knowing this, why would we not float on a regular basis? Planet Stress dictates for us to take really good care of ourselves. Or else.

When I become grumpy, tired, annoyed or lazy ... I ask myself some questions to see if I can get myself back on the Happy-Track:

  • What the pho is going on?

  • Why are you doing an overwhelm?

  • Why are you doing a depression?

  • Why are you on my case?

  • Cut me some slack.

  • Get off my back

  • Why am I fat? Old? Sad?

Then I switch:

  • I need to run a ZYTO Reset Scan and do some EVOX.

  • What can I do to change things?

  • Walk on the beach?

  • Call a friend who doesn't judge or offer advice - few and far between.

  • I'm not in Alaska, so where can I go for solace?

  • When did I last float?


  • Remembering to float is an ah ha moment.

  • Call the number, schedule a float and go do something nice for yourself.

  • When you feel nice, you are nice to others, so floating is very unselfish.

In case you don't know, here's why we should float:

  • Floating is a Spiritual Experience - Healing the Brain and the Body.

  • Floatation therapy is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or more appropriately, R.E.S.T.

  • Our floatation tanks provide a profound sense of rest and relaxation.

  • Floatation helps eliminate stress and recreate new, positive electrical pathways throughout your body.

  • After a float, you can expect decreased pain, reduced stress, increased concentration, enhanced memory, and better sleep.

  • Floating resets the mind and body in a subtle way so we begin to function better without even realizing the changes, at first.

  • We just begin to notice that "things" don't bother us a much and we cope better.

  • While driving, we wonder why everyone is in such a hurry, rather than before floating, we were wondering why everyone was driving so slowly.

  • It seems the world has changed but it's really just we have changed, and so we see the world and its problems differently.

  • We see that proverbial glass as half FULL, instead of half empty.

If you could add ONE habit to benefit ALL of you - it would be to form a floating habit. Resolve to float on a regular basis - and notice how living life becomes more about loving life.

In the meantime:


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