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Get More Out of Life

Your first step to getting more out of the life, may be as close as the palm of your hand - with the use of an FDA Class II Approved Medical Device: a ZYTO biocommunication scan, or a wellness map you can follow, trust and receive:

1. Insight into your health

2. Identify your biological preference for nutrition

3. Save money - choosing products and services that are right for you - (no more guessing)

4. Increase energy - identify areas to support your body when and where it is needed

5. Track your Health - scans are "in the moment," keeping track over time shows trends

6. Peace of Mind - knowing more about your individual health can make all the difference

The April Newsletter of The Truth About Cancer - Heroes Against Cancer," by Ty Bollinger - touched the cords of my heart with his research on "Addressing the Emotional Aspects of Disease with EVOX Therapy."

Ty wrote: "Part of what it means to be human in our world is that painful, often traumatic experiences are inevitable. Whether it's an unexpected job loss, the death of a loved one, or a broken relationship - major life events with unpleasant outcomes are something that very few of us can escape this side of reality. Worse yet, such events can have a profound effect on our physiology. So much so that they can actually precipitate the formation of debilitating disease."

I concur with Mr. Ty Bollinger's statements that emotional experiences, living in a fight or flight condition - can facilitate chronic disease but with ZYTO's EVOX Therapy - sometimes referred to as "emotional acupuncture," we are able to correct unresolved emotional conflicts and remove blockages to healing. Whether blockages are physical or emotional - they keep us from healing and often CAUSE us to head down a dark path of chronic illness.

"EVOX Therapy takes a perception reframing approach to healing. It uses precise biofeedback technology to determine where emotional and/or spiritual stagnation might be lurking inside a patient's body, for the ultimate purpose of eradicating it."

Personally, I've experienced this reframing of a painful experience and often wondered in amazement how the experience is now just a memory and no longer painful. I've seen this with my patients - and often celebrate with them when we are done and they realize they feel "good," finally. Especially those with post traumatic stress. This is what we mean by HEAL THE BRAIN - RELEASE THE PAIN. That is exactly what EVOX can accomplish.

Using helicopter terms - before EVOX, we are often caught in "settling with power," (drowning in our own downwash of fears, thoughts, experiences and dis-eases) - but after EVOX, we are able to live an "effective translational lift/life," where life becomes more enjoyable, and peaceful. As if the hand of God is lifting us up, effortlessly.

Don't believe it? I didn't either, at first - but now I'm a believer - no it's more than that: I'm a "knower." I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Make an appointment and experience the power of reframing - for yourself.

Next week, don't miss THE SEVEN STAGES OF DISEASE. We don't become sick overnight - but getting back on the health-track can be a fast track to an effective translational life.

Be Well.

It's a Jungle out there.

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