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Floating in Norfolk ~ Something for Everyone

Reset your health. Bottom line: Stop the madness and experience a day of health ... to Heal the Brain and Release the Pain:

1. Float - The more you float the more benefits you unlock: Sleep, Clarity and Pain Relief

2. Massage - We've Got Your Back: Release, Relax and Unwind with Therapeutic Massages

3. PEMFT - Releasing Pain Through: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

4. Bemer - Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation: Improving Blood Flow and Immune System

5. Zyto Scan - Technology taking the guesswork out of choosing nutritional products and wellness options. Wellness through Bio-communication.

6. EVOX - Life-Changing Perception Reframing Technology: Effortless and Painless

7. Watt-Ahh - Water for the brain: Polarized Water is the best ingredient for improving the efficacy of any product, including water purification, food production, energy drinks, holistic health, wound care and cosmetics

8. FITNESS - Opening soon: Neuro-Fusion working out the brain and body

PLUS: HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy); Chiropractic Therapy; Acupuncture & Herbal Therapy; Far-Infrared Therapy; Counseling: Single and Couples; YOGA; and of course, be sure to visit the premier Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads.

Need we say more? We've got you covered. You just need to show-up.

Dr. Deb Wood, PhD, ND - Dr. Morgan Joe, DC - Dr. Charles Miller, LAc, LMT, NLP, CHT -

Dr. Anita Neuer-Colburn, PhD, LCP, ACS - Dr. Susan Kaplan, RN, PhD - Dr. Kinga Gudar, PhD, LCSW

Sometimes people get lost the first time they visit Renova. Plug the following address into your GPS and it will bring you directly to our FREE parking spaces: 140 W. Wilson Avenue, Norfolk, VA (Running parallel with 129 W. Virginia Beach Boulevard, Norfolk, VA) Come early, stay late. Parking spaces fill up quickly. Any problems call our Facilities Manager: Derik at 757.636.9075

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