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Float Norfolk is a member of The Renova Center's Premier Wellness Facilities in Norfolk, Virgini

Why Float?

Floating is a Spiritual Experience - Healing the Brain and the Body.

Floatation therapy is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or more appropriately, R.E.S.T. Our premier pristine floatation tanks provide a profound sense of rest and relaxation.

Floatation helps eliminate stress and recreate new, positive electrical pathways throughout your body. After a float, you can expect decreased pain, reduced stress, increased concentration, enhanced memory, and better sleep.

Floating resets the mind and body in a subtle way so we begin to function better without even realizing the changes, at first. We just begin to notice that "things" don't bother us a much and we cope better. While driving, we wonder why everyone is in such a hurry, rather than before floating, we were wondering why everyone was driving so slowly. It seems the world has changed but it's really just we have changed and so we see the world and its problems differently. We see that proverbial glass as half FULL instead of half empty.

If you could add ONE habit to benefit ALL of you - it would be to form a floating habit. Resolve to float on a regular basis - and notice how living life becomes more about loving life.

Across from the Harrison Opera House at 129 W Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk VA or GPS 129 W Wilson Avenue, Norfolk VA and come directly into our FREE parking in the rear of the building.

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